Bodywork & Energy Therapy

What Is Bodywork...

Bodywork is a co-operative modality to Western Medicine. It is a holistic approach that encompasses the pet as a whole; body, mind and spirit. Bodywork utilizes a wide variety of therapies and techniques. At A Pawsitive Touch, llc, we focus on touch therapy, essential oils remedies, and energy therapy. ​  

These safe and effective practices can keep our pets healthy and well-balanced.

​Touch therapy is deliberate and focused touch. We provide therapeutic and sports massage for our four legged companions. Intentional touch not only supports the physical body, but it can relieve stress, strengthen the human bond, and diminish depression. 

What Are The Benefits...

 Therapeutic massage can improve overall well-being by:

  • Increasing blood flow & circulation, eliminating toxins, and boosting the immune system.
  • Provides emotional support following adoption, after major life events, and aids service animals in managing their daily stress.
  • Relaxes tight muscles, relieves muscle spasms, and trigger points.
  • Increasing range of motion, flexibility, improving athletic agility, and decreasing the risk of injury.

The manipulation of soft tissue improves the quality of life by:

  • Diminishing depression, reducing inflammation and relieving discomfort.
  • Promoting healing following surgery or injury.
  • Restoring vitality from stiff aging bodies and growing pains in large breed pups.
  • Relieving pain and stiffness associated with chronic conditions like arthritis, degenerative myelopathy, disc disease, ivdd, and dysplasia. 

The use of essential oils has been known to:

  • Relieve depression and anxiety.
  • Assist in decreasing inflammation, pain, and so much more! 

What Is Energy Therapy...

Every living thing is energy! Energy therapy activates the body's natural pain killing and healing processes. We utilize intuition and a myriad of tools in non-invasive and pain free techniques. These technologies afford alternatives in managing chronic conditions, acute problems and in conjunction with your pets rehabilitation plan following surgery or injury. Energy therapy can be combined with other holistic modalities or conventional medical treatments. 

  - tPEMF (Targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) and Red Light modalities are non-invasive painless therapies. Each application promotes the release of nitric oxide providing pain relief while decreasing inflammation. On a cellular level, these methods stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

  - Chakras are the energy centers within the body. They help regulate emotion, immune system, and organ function. Chakra Balancing restores the harmonious flow of energy which sustains overall energy and attitude. Balancing the Chakra System may help remove blockages, emotional barriers, restore self confidence and self worth.


~ Bodywork and Energy Therapy is not a substitute for veterinary care ~